Decker’s and Tomlinson’s (2014) article focuses on libraries using blogs to reach all of their patrons. There is a particular focus on including diverse and non-traditional patrons. One of the ideas that the authors suggest that interests me is posting about holidays that patrons may want to know more about. The example used in the article is about Black History Month and Decker and Tomlinson also suggest informing patrons about resources related to Black History Month.

I have always been interested in learning more about the holidays that people celebrate. Holidays celebrate exciting times in history. What people celebrate shows what their culture values and gives insight as to what is important to them. Why are these events celebrated and not others?

The blog could also be used to inform foreign patrons about U.S. holidays that may confuse them, for example Labor Day. Even native patrons of the U.S. could learn more about the history of those holidays through the posts. It also gives the library an opportunity to reach out to their patrons and provide resources on the holiday. Libraries can also use the blog to advertise upcoming events in the library or in the community.

The post itself should contain the history of the holiday: when did it start, who started it, and if it is still celebrated. The post should also detail how the holiday is celebrated: is it for a full day or part of the day, is there any materials that would be needed, and where it should be celebrated. The blog that would do this type of post should post on or before the holiday begins. This would allow patrons to know about the holiday and allow them to plan or find any celebrations of that holiday. For month long holidays, like Black History Month, there should be a post at least once a week during that month.

The best thing to do when posting about holidays is to find someone who knows about them. For example, I am a Roman Catholic so I would be able to post about holidays and holy days for Roman Catholics. If I were to do a post about a Jewish holiday or holy day I would seek a practicing Jew to obtain information about the holiday or holy day. It would be interesting if a library could also host a forum where people could share the different ways they celebrate a particular holiday.


Decker, E. and Tomlinson, M. (2014). Using blogs in the library to reach diverse and non-traditional student groups. Journal of Library Innovation, 5 (2), 60-70.